Intel heavily pushing Medfield on Android

Following hard on last week’s announcement that Orange is moving to Medfield, Intel is stepping up pressure on others in the consumer smartphone business.

The word at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is that Intel reps are all over the place pushing Medfield specs as an an alternative to ARM.

The company has said it will provide proof that Medfield can handle things like battery life which have kept it from the mobile arena in the past.

Intel representatives have been heard talking up its much improved graphics performance and power analysis tool suite for Medfield called the Intel GPA System Analyzer. It is expected that this will be spotlighted at the Game Developers Conference in a little over a week’s time.

The Analyser captures real-time metrics of Android games and apps running on the Medfield processor, with the ability to switch between different rendering scenarios in the app so it can be tuned for best performance.

Intel’s Craig Hurst told BetaNews at the conference that gaming is the largest segment for smartphone apps,

He said that it is important to make games that are visually stunning, but being able to play for more than an hour, or however long you want to play.

Hurst said that the next big wave for optimisation is about power and battery life, and it is so important for these new devices that Intel is building.