Intel Haswell refresh in the shops in May

The dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a hell on earth yarn that Intel may release an update to its desktop Haswell “refresh” processors in May.

The source of the rumour is Hermitage Akihabara . It claims Intel will launch its new processors, including its flagship Core i7-4790K, on May 10 in most markets. These next generation Haswell chips will include Intel’s Z97 chipset, which provides support for faster and larger M.2 SATA Express drives.

The new Haswell desktop processors will offer a 100 MHz increase in clock speeds. The range is important to Apple fanboys as the chip is a direct successor to most of the chips currently used in the iMac. It might be that Intel wants to release the Chip for the iMac refresh that Apple is planning later this year.

Intel yesterday added brief specifications and prices of all “Haswell Refresh” desktop and mobile microprocessors to the official pricelist. Built on “Haswell” architecture, upcoming products will not have any new microarchitecture and power optimizations compared to last year’s products, and their only advantage will be slightly increased clock speeds.

A total of 44 chips have been introduced by Intel, 27 of which are for desktops while the rest are for mobile devices.

On the desktop side the Haswell Refresh will mean that there will be a new non-K king -the 3.6 GHz Core i7-4790 with some lower-power variations of it such as the 65 W TPD 4790S and the 45 W 4790T. We are expecting ten new Core i5s, and a bunch of low-end Pentium and Celeron models.

The mobile segment got five new quad-core processors clocked between 2.1 GHz and 2.5 GHz, and various Core, Pentium and Celeron dual-cores. All this means that there will be new chips being shipped in May and hopefully a spike in Intel’s results later in the year.