Intel has African plans

It seems that the French are not the only ones who are planning to plant a steel capped boot onto Africa, it appears that Chipzilla is planning an invasion of its own.

According to IT News Africa, Intel’s Sven Jochen Beckmann, Territory Manager for South and Sub Saharan Africa has a cunning plan for the continent.

Chipzilla has established a presence in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa., as well as staff who are responsible for SADC, Francophone and North Africa regions.

The main target for Intel is the African love of mobile technology. This is not an area where Chipzilla has exactly been a world beater, so it makes Beckmann’s cunning plan pretty tough.

However he thinks that data consumption and smartphone development are driving technology growth rates and by 2016 there will be a billion users in the area.

When you take into account there are already 700 million devices in existence and Africa is one of the fastest growing data markets it is an area which could make someone a fast buck.

He said that data centres are also becoming increasingly important.

Beckmann seems to think that Intel’s focus on the continued connectivity between smart devices and innovation within core processing technology including the move to 14nm processing should see it right.

Africa will see a a rollout of products by Intel, he said.