Intel Gulftown comes in, roaring like a lion

The reviews are in for Intel’s latest “Gulftown” processor and it seems to blow benchmarks right out of the water.

The chip has six cores and 12 threads, is compatible with the Intel X58 Express chipset, has 12MB of level three cache, and seven new processor instructions. The base frequency of the processor is 3.33GHz but you can wind it up – or in the marketeers terms use “turbo frequency” – to get to speeds of 3.6GHz. The processor costs $1,000, or in marketeering terms, $999.

It also supports DDR3 1066MHz memory modules, uses Intel’s Quick Path Interconnect (QPI) and that gives a claimed 25.6GB/seconds of bandwidth. It tops out at a TDP of 130 Watts.

According to the 3D Professor web site, the AES encryption and decryption algorithms have “dramatically improved” and give a four to five times faster speed. That makes it suitable for the commercial market.

Here, courtest of the 3DProfessor site, is just one of the benchmarks for the processor.

Gulftown benchmark