Intel, Google team up in Unholy Alliance

No single device sits at the centre, Paul Otellini said here in San Francisco today. The user is the sweet spot he said. He left the sweetest spot until his last paragraph and said that Google and Intel – the combination of not evil and atheism would cooperate more closely on phones, tablets and stuff.

The device is important, said Otellini, but not that important. The IT industry has unleashed creativity and made us all more productive. The growth of the cloud has meant more engaging experiences on any device. Social notworking means storage is more important than it ever was. The “data centre spend” will be over $450 billion this year.

The transistor continues to be important than ever before. The explosion of devices means that in the next five years there will be gazillions of transistors needed. Moore’s Law still lives, said Otellini. Moore’s Law is not a scientific principle, claimed Otellini. Moore’s Law will never end and Intel engineers will always find a way to keep on, we guess transistoring. “The world needs Moore’s Law”. Intel is well into developing 14 nano process. Over 14 million developers have worked on the X86 cake with six million applications, forget the App Store, he impled.

Computing has become more diversified, he said.  Computing must be engaging, consistent and secure. We live and love in a visual world and we expect our devices to engage with us as fast as we think, he thought. Thinner and lighter is good, said Otellini, kind of chatting about the Ultrabook. The Ultrabook is Intel’s vision, it’s kind of like a kingfisher and it will be “affordable”.

There will be more and more Ultrabooks and Ivy Bridge will ship next year with lots of engagements. Haswell is a 2013 microprocessor with a 30 percent reduction in stand by power. Otellini said Haswell has a systtem level power management frameworks and will have “uncompromised performance” and the battery will last all day. Honest.

Microsoft and Intel still love each other. Microsoft and Intel are still pushing the limits.Honest. That’s why Intel and Google are now the closest of partners.