Intel goes for low end notebook market

Intel is about to take AMD on by shoving i3 and i5 chips under the bonnet at an affordable price.

According to the small print in a recent Intel road map, which few appear to have spotted yet, it appears as though notebooks featuring the new parts could start shipping in June, and will likely range between $400-$800. According to Maximum PC, the processors are ultra low voltage (ULV) chips.

The big idea is to create notebooks that are slightly more powerful and have “go faster” stripes down the sides and have mock leopard interiors and fluffy dice hanging from the mirror.

This category that Intel has in mind should earn it a bit more cash than netbooks. The new chips will be made using the latest 32-nanometre process, and will offer power savings far beyond previous ultra portable offerings.

This sector of the market has some appeal to Intel, largely because machines based on the chips are affordable. That, and AMD does quite well in this sector of the market too.