Intel gives ARM a hand

ARM is not letting the fact that Intel is trying to elbow its way into the mobile market get it down.

In fact, the official line is that Intel’s attempts to crack the mobile phone market have proven how good the Brits are at designs in the post-PC world.

Speaking to TechRadar, executive vice president Lance Howarth said ARM needed to “raise its game” in terms of bringing the brand to the fore.

Intel is now looking to the mobile device market as one of the best things that’s ever happened to ARM in terms of publicity.

Howarth said that the chip designer had come along since the days when it was suffering from anonymous ubiquity.

Being a UK company, ARM was ignored by the US tech press, which is all about Intel and AMD. When Intel said ‘we’re getting into smartphones’ people started wondering who was making their chips and when the tech press started to do research they suddenly discovered that ARM ruled the mobile arena.

In three years there has been a transition in awareness of ARM and the types and diversity of the devices it designs. Suddenly it is hot property.

Howarth said that the arrival of Windows 8 on ARM should speed that up a lot.

But he said that it was all about bringing in all ARM’s partners for an anti-Intel bash fest. That means whipping up Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, and NDS.