Intel gets patent for switching electronics on

Chipzilla has just been granted  a patent which lets electronic devices be switched on by using another computer.

According to, patent 8,086,879 was first filed in 2007 and it talks about a network of devices which can switch themselves on.

It is supposed to be a step beyond the WoL (Wake on LAN (Local Area Network)) feature.

What it does is use a third device that can determine its state and switch on a computing device on demand.

The advantage is that the whole thing uses less power as a WoL device never can be entirely turned off.

Intel said that the feature of “powering on devices via intermediate computing device” not only applies to enterprises, but also home environments where “devices coupled to a network may act as distributed media storage and playback with reduced power consumption when such devices are not in use.”

The power-on message is supported to be transmitted via wired and wireless signals over local and wide-area networks.

The data transfer takes place “via a point-to-point (PtP) interface using PtP interface circuits, respectively.” The microprocessor uses a high speed I/O bus channel in some embodiments of the invention to facilitate communication with various components,” the patent states.