Intel gets its 4G knickers in a twist

Intel bus - Wikimedia CommonsA research document claims that Intel’s SoFIA 4G application processor will now be delayed until the beginning of next year.

Apparently, according to Digitimes Research, the design of the chip is ready and could be rolled out in vast quantities tomorrow. But there’s problems with the software, it appears.

That means, according to the report, that Intel will have to rely on its SoFIA 3G chips to satisfy its rather few mobile customers that choose the chip giant as a supplier.

And there’s more trouble on the horizon, the analysts suggest.

The SoFIA 4G chip will be built using a 28 namometre process and if it is true that it is delayed until next year, that may well put a spanner in the works for a 14 nanometre application processor that was planned for next year.

Intel has at least two big problems on the mobile front. The first is that handset vendors, despite subsidies, aren’t that willing to be in the gentle hands of the behemoth. The second is that the chips it does make for the mobile market are way too pricey, probably because, above all, Intel is a manufacturing company with the concomitant high costs.

You can find more about this, here.