Intel gears up for huge mobile chip numbers

Intel’s new chief operating officer, Brian Krzanich, has said he has fine-tuned the supply chain to cope with the huge amount of demand which he expects for smartphones and tablets.

Yes, you heard right, Intel, which has failed to dent the mobile market so far, is telling its supporters to go back to its constituents and prepare for mobile government.

Krzanich, Reuters reports, is being seen as a potential future Intel chief executive, so his pronouncements are normally taken seriously. He thinks that shortening turnaround times in Intel’s factories is key in the fragmented mobile market.

While we can see that Intel needs to get more products out there, it is hard to see if they are the right products yet. So far it doesn’t look like it has yet to come up with technology that can match ARM. That is not to say that Medfield can’t compete, it is just that by the time it comes out ARM might have something else up its sleeve. Krazanich’s efforts to crush ARM by sheer weight of numbers might not help.

Medfield getting chosen for a few upcoming smartphones from Lenovo, Motorola Mobility and other manufacturers has been seen by Wall Street as a good start, but it hardly justifies turning production on mobile chips up to 11.

Reuters seems to think that Intel is betting its lead in manufacturing technology will help it win more ground from rivals.

Krzanich brags that he has brought speed and agility to manufacturing and that’s exactly what the PC business – and exactly what the phone business – will need. However, a mouse is fast and agile and in the case of the mobile market, Intel is taking on an elephant. Unless Krzanich can arm his mice with elephant guns, he runs the risk of getting stomped on.