Intel follows AMD in leaving WSTS

Intel has followed its rival AMD by walking out of the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS) organisation.

The WSTS is a non-profit organisation which publishes monthly reports about global chip sales and its report is a widely used metric for the health of the chip industry.

The fact that Intel and AMD will not supply the organisation with sales data will mean the body will have to find different ways to get data. Intel is not saying why it is leaving, just that the outfit is no longer a fit.

The Electronic Times suggests Intel thinks WSTS data is no longer valuable to the company after the withdrawal of AMD. AMD was never clear why it left the group either.

But it does mean that the figures created by the body will be largely meaningless. Intel and AMD represent about 90 percent of the MPU market and, without them, it will be pure guessing.

The sorts of cash either sides were paying out for membership were tiny. AMD payed $1,700 for an annual membership.