Intel: fangs ain’t what they used to be

Intel bus - Wikimedia CommonsFormer chip behemoth Intel (tick: INTC) opens its developer forum for business today in the dreadful Moscone Centre (sic), but despite what the CEO will say, things or thongs ain’t what they used to be.

When it started the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) way back in the 1990s,  it used to actually attract developers, also known as programmers.

It’s an unusual time for Intel to peddle its “vision” of the future – most people are on holiday and it’s the dog days now.

But we’re confident that despite a repeated and persistent downturn in the PC business in favour of smartphones and tablets – most of which don’t use Intel processors – its top team of spinners will spin a dream of the future which is a delight for public relations people to behold.

Intel claims this is 2015 IDF. At one time it was so prosperous that it had IDFs all over the world but now it’s reined in its desires.

No longer can it and Microsoft claim hegemony over the world of PCs. And, for that matter, no longer does anyone care which processor powers her or his smartphone.

Intel had its chance with ARM years ago and fluffed it.

Now there are so few PC vendors that Intel and Microsoft are in a hard place where they have little influence on the future or even the present.

Still, we wish Intel well. Perhaps it will come up with a “new” idea at IDF this year. No-one has even heard of the fledged CEO, a Mr Brian Krzanich, so perhaps he has made PR spinners redundant too.

Although, we really doubt it, unless it’s a new idea to make even more people redundant. The company is no meritocracy. Far from it. Andy Grove imposed a culture based on semiconductors so Moore’s Law applied if you had been there 18 months and hadn’t complained about your boss.  The story of Intel, the former chip behemoth, continues to unravel.