Intel fails to vault Chinese walls

Intel's Gordon Moore and Robert NoyceGiant semiconductor company Intel (NYSE: INTC) has been refused a licence to help the Chinese government make a supercomputer just so.

The USA is deeply suspicious of China – Intel is well known for repeatedly cuddling up to China – and today the Department of Commerce said that it can’t export gazillions of chips to update the Chinese Tianhe-2 supercomputer.

Intel – a multinational company concerned only with profits and not human rights nor military considerations – wanted to send the chips to China.

But the DoC said it didn’t want China to have a gazillion core supercomputer. The sub text is that the USA government is only too well aware of China cloning technology and getting ahead in the cyber and computing wars. Just 10 years ago, it was revealed that China had “adopted” DEC Alpha chip technology to upgrade its fleet of aircraft carriers. They cloned the chips.

Then, a reliable NSA source said that it was deeply concerned about intellectual property, especially IP that could be turned into military advantages.

Intel could not be contacted at press time because executives there don’t want to talk to TechEye any more. It is upset at us, poor little lamb.

The Americans are worried about nuclear implications.