Intel eyes Israeli investments

Although Intel is in the bad books of Israel for shifting some of its fab work to Ireland, it seems that Chipzilla has not given up on investing in the promised land.

Intel Capital told Reuters that it wants to invest in some more Israeli start-ups.

Intel has invested in more than 60 companies in Israel since 1996 including Anobit, Passave, and Gteko which was bought by Microsoft and Mellanox which went public on Nasdaq.

Marcos Battisti, managing director of Intel Capital for Western Europe and Israel, said investment returns in Israeli start-ups have been in the double digits the last five years.

However he thinks that Intel could have made a lot more dosh in the Land of Milk and Honey.

Part of Chipzilla’s problem is that it doesn not have enough staff on the ground to seek out decent investments and find the good deals.

Battisti said that Intel Capital has added two venture capital veterans having realised that it missed some big opportunities.

Chipzilla wanted to invest in perceptional computing, which it thinks is the next generation user interface, communications, gaming, cloud, mobile ecosystem and consumer internet outfits.