Intel exports Sean Maloney to China

Chipmaker Intel has shown it is serious about its business in China by exporting one of its top execs behind the bamboo curtain and into the Beijing boudoir

Intel Executive Vice President Sean Maloney will give up his American burgers for a sweet and sour move to Beijing. He will have the newly created position of Chairman for Intel China.

Maloney will be responsible for overseeing the company’s strategy for China and working out a way it can rule the developing market.

Maloney, returned to work in January after recovering from a stroke he suffered 15 months ago and was tipped as a future CEO. He was one of two executive vice presidents running Intel’s main chip business and spoke directly to Chief Executive Officer Paul Otellini without having to place his forehead on the floor.

After his stroke, he was unable to speak. He went on medical leave in March 2010, fought back, and has regained much of his speaking ability. On his first month back he was in the middle of things after Chipzilla’s Sandy Bridge chipset shipped with errors.

Intel has high hopes for China. It is predicted that it will become the world’s largest personal computer market next year, so it certainly is not shifting Maloney sideways.

Asia Pacific, which includes China, provided $7.26 billion, or half, of Intel’s revenue in the first quarter.

Executive Vice President Dadi Perlmutter will take over Maloney’s general corporate responsibilities when he moves to Asia.