Intel expands Quark

Intel has expanded its Quark family of embedded ultra-low power microprocessors with a new X1020 SKU.

Quark processors use a single Pentium core with 512KB of on-chip SRAM for faster memory access, an SIMD unit, a single-channel DDR3 memory controller, and several standard interfaces, such as PCI-e 2.0, Ethernet and USB 2.0. All Quark chips run at 400MHz, and have 16KB of unified L1 cache. With just 2 Watt – 2.2 Watt TDP, the processors are a good fit for low power applications, such as embedded devices.

The only difference between members of the Quark family are the optional features which Intel provides. CPU World  said that the Quark X1020 supports ECC memory and Secure Boot technology.

This will mean that only authorised software is executed on the platform which will make this Quark more useful for products which need more security and the product marker does not want them changed.

The processor also supports another feature, which is encoded as “S1” in its part number which no one is sure what it does yet.

Previous Quarks used an extended operating temperature range. New X1001, X1011 and X1021D are qualified to operate from -40°C to +85°C, while offering the same performance and feature-set as Quark X1000, X1010 and X1020D models. This new one operates in the boring standard 0-70 degree range. The X1020 is priced at $11.45.