Intel engineer gave plans to AMD

A former Intel engineer has pleaded guilty to stealing hundreds of millions of dollars worth of data from the chip giant before leaving the company.

Bloomberg said that Biswamohan Pani, 36, of Chelmsford in the US, stole sensitive chip-related information to butter up his new AMD employers.

He worked at an Intel chip plant in Hudson. He quit on 29 May, 2008, with his last day set for 11 June, and began work at Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) on 2 June.

For some reason, however, he managed to keep his access to Intel’s data system and downloaded shedloads of top secret data related to chip manufacturing and design.

When Inspector Knacker swooped on his house the police found more than $200 -$400 million worth of data on his computer.

The Untouchables were able to recover the documents before any damage was done to Intel. AMD helped the FBI and there was no evidence of AMD involved in any wrongdoing.

Pani could face up to 20 years in prison on each fraud count.