Intel ekes out more Haswell details

Kirk Skaugen, a long time Inteleer is now into thin clients, or should we say tablets, smartphones and Ultrabooks.

Intel is really excited about touch and excited about Windows 8. All across the world people have been immersed in the Windows 8 experience. Ninety percent of people it surveyed worldwide find touch is great. It surveyed 200,000 people.  People want keyboards and touch. Well they’ve got it with Apples, already.

Intel is investing in jump start factories in Taiwan and capacity. Touch systems will be $100 more than non touch Ultrabooks. Haswell will double the battery life compared to Ivy Bridge, as TechEye revealed yesterday.

Intel will eliminate wires completely for PCs.  It is promoting charging stuff wirelessly. Intel wireless charging will charge at roughly the same rate as USB. Skaugen said that it is certifying systems that use Intel-Nuance enabled machines.

Dell is the first to be certified and Intel has white box reference designs. Intel will bring SDKs for finger tracking, sound, facial recognition and voice recognition.  A PC will recognise every movement of the hands, including finger joints. You can walk up to your PC and auto-enter your password.  Skaugen said that when he’s on a plane he gives his iPad to his five year old to play Angry Birds and his kid sends emails to his CEO.  With facial recognition that will never happen. But on the other hand presumably he won’t be able to hand his kid his tablet to get five or 10 minutes peace?

Hand recognition means you can cast spells with our PC, Skaugen said.

Intel will bring more mechanical stuff out in next year than in the last 20 years.   These will happen in the next several months.  It has over 70 Ultrabooks in the marketplace right now.  You can buy $599 Ultrabooks using Ivy Bridge. With touch you can factor in another $100.

Intel will have over 240 designs of Ultrabooks using Ivy stuff next year.

Haswell was designed from the ground up, Skaugen said.  The mobile world is getting more complex.  The collision of notebooks with smartphones and tablets doesn’t faze Intel because it will have answers to everything.  

He showed a number of systems from a variety of vendors that came in different shapes and sizes, just like human beings.

Haswell will support 4K displays, new versions of OpenGL and OpenCL, DirectX11, etcetera. It will include touch, voice, double the battery life, and auto pull down email, Facebook and Twitter stuff all instantly available.  It will support Microsoft’s Connected Standby. You will never have to wait for your data again.

Fourth generation cores will fall to 15 watts and putting chipset and microprocessor into the same package, for the first time.  “Everything is going SOC,” he said.