Intel dumped by Lenovo phone project

Fashion bag maker Intel’s push into the mobile market might not be going as well as it hoped.

One of its key partners, Lenovo, which seemed to be keen on its Atom vision for mobile, has dumped the chip in favour of Qualcomm.

This is bad news for Intel as Lenovo had been one of the few phone makers to sign up to use an Atom chip to power its K900 smartphone.

Now it seems Lenovo has decided not to stick Intel inside the successor device, known as Vibe Z.

Chipzilla has confirmed the change, but told All Things Digital that its relationship with Lenovo phones was not over. After all, hadn’t Lenovo signed up to be a launch partners for Bay Trail, and didn’t it own a bunny which it might come home to find boiled?

It is possible that phones with the Atom had not sold that well. Lenovo started selling the Intel Atom-powered K900 in Thailand and Malaysia, bringing to eight the number of places the device has been sold.

Motorola is the only other prominent phone maker to include Intel chips, using them for the Razr i in the EU.

There have been reported sightings in India from Lava, from Megafon in Russia and French carrier Orange, but they’re just about on par with the stats for alien abductions.

Intel’s problem might be temporary. The Atoms lack built-in support for a broad range of networks, including LTE networks. Chipzilla is frantically trying to integrate mobile support for more functions into its processors.