Intel does well, and AMD may follow

Surprising fourth quarter results from Intel have confounded the Cassandras of this world and the indications are that where the chip giant has gone, its shadow, AMD may follow.

Intel said in a statement last night that sales of its microprocessors were fuelled in part by growth in developing markets.

And a report on Taiwanese wire Digitimes suggests that AMD has shipped more than 50 percent of its Fusion Llano microprocessors to the Chinese market. That report says that it shipped 50 percent of its product to China in September, and a third of Llanos in August.

However, problems with yields of Llanos, which are made by AMD spin off GlobalFoundries (GloFo) may cause it to give some outsourcing work to Taiwanese pure-play foundry TSMC.

Quoting sources close to motherboard makers, Digitimes suggests that AMD is ready to release a number of additional microprocessors, dubbed the A4-3420, the A6-3620 and the A8-3820 very shortly.

AMD’s quarterly results are expected on the 27th October.