Intel does not drop its prices

If anyone thought that Intel was going to drop its prices on its Sandy Bridge range, everyone will be disappointed.

New price lists released from Intel indicate that Chipzilla is holding prices for now, probably thanks to a lack of serious competition from AMD.

Intel added seven new processors to its Sandy Bridge lineup this month. These are the Core i5 2550K with four cores, 3.4GHz, and 6MB cache which will cost $225, Core i5 2450, which has four cores, 3.2GHz, and 6MB cache) and will set you back $195. The other four core chip is the Core i5 2380P which will clock at 3.1GHz and has a 6MB cache and cost $177.

Of the two core chips, the  Celeron B815 will run at 2.6GHz, have 2MB cache and cost $86, while the Celeron T3500 will run at 2.1GHz and have a MB cache and cost $80. The Celeron M 867 will run at 1.3GHz and have a 2MB cache and cost $134. The only new single core is the Celeron M 797 which will run at 1.4GHz and have a MB cache, and cost $70

The Celerons are mobile chips and the Celeron M 867 and 797 are both Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) which can run at 17W TDP. The two ‘P’ processors apparently don’t have integrated graphics cores.