Intel does deal with Cavium

Intel and a company called Cavium have announced a technology and marketing collaboration with the idea of peddling Intel WiDi-based products.

WiDi chips allows TVs to be connected to computers wirelessly and the collaboration between Cavium and Intel will result in WiDi compatible receivers with Cavium’s PureVu media System on a Chip.

Chipzilla spokesperson Kerry Forell said that Intel WiDi-based laptops have enjoyed a very rapid adoption in the market during the past two years.

By working with Cavium, Intel says it expects its customers to be able to offer products with a broader range of wireless display capabilities, which should translate to more choices for consumers.

Cavium’s Digital Home and Office Division Kourosh Amiri said the two companies have a cunning plan to have what he calls an immersive wireless display consumer experience. Quite why you need Wi-Fi while having a bath is anyone’s guess.

He said that the collaboration will bring together the best of what the two companies have to offer to further enhance the wireless display market, to deliver products that enable seamless content-sharing. Though we were not aware that wireless could have seams.