Intel denies it will squash the Atom

Rumours that Intel has decided that its Atom brand is poisoned by negativity, and it has decided to rename them were denied by the chip giant today.

Digitimes cited sources within the notebook manufacturing industry that claimed Intel would rebrand the Atom processor range when the chipmaker launches the Cedar Trail platform in 2012.

The rebranding would cover its N/D/Z/E lineups of Atom CPUs for netbooks, nettops, handheld devices, consumer-electronics products and embedded devices, Digitimes said. But that’s not going to happen.

Digitimes’ deep throats claimed that the drop in demand for mobile devices and so-called nettops which used Atom-branded processors were blamed on the chips’ poor brand image.

The delayed 32nm Cedar Trail-M series, including the Atom N2700 and N2800 are due to launch in 2011 and there has been no mention of a name change.

However we should point out that this rumour flies in the face of what Intel told us. Intel said this morning: “You may have seen some reports that we’re planning to change the Atom brand. We’re not. The upcoming Cedar Trail (Q4 2011 release) and Medfield (1H 2012 release) chips will both use the Atom brand.  We are very committed to the Intel Atom processor brand, and there are no plans to change it.”