Intel delays mass production of Cherry Trail

Intel bus - Wikimedia CommonsCompanies that make “white box” tablets are being forced to use Bay Trail T CR for Windows 10 tablets, according to a report by Digitimes Research (DR).

DR believes that Intel won’t be in a position to supply the chips until the end of the third quarter this year and that’s not making the tablet makers very happy.

Microsoft and Intel have still got ambitions in the tablet and smartphone markets, despite spending billions of dollars with little result.

Microsoft is gambling that Windows 10, along with subsidies it is offering manufacturers, will generate extra demand although many feel that it and Intel have  missed the bus on both the smartphone and tablet fronts.

DR claims that Intel won’t be able to supply the manufacturers with a reference design for Cherry Trail until the end of September.

That will force the mainly Chinese manufacturers to make do with Bay Trail Windows tablets which they’re going to push like mad in Western markets in time for the holiday season.

People who buy tablets don’t really care which chip and which operating system runs the devices – and that has given competitors like British chip ARM a leg up in market share.