Intel cuts deal with open source Arduino

CEO of fashion bag maker Intel, Brian Krzanich, announced that his company has cut a deal with open source outfit Arduino.

Arduino is an open source hardware platform which is big in the education community. Its development kits and software programming interfaces are designed to make it easier for artists, designers and other enthusiasts to create interactive objects or environments.

Krzanich said that using Intel’s Galileo development board, Chipzilla and the Arduino community will work closely together on future products that bring the performance, scalability and possibilities of Intel technology into this market.

Intel will donate 50,000 Intel Galileo boards to 1,000 universities worldwide over the next 18 months.

He said that Intel is working with 17 universities across six continents to develop a curriculum based on the Intel Galileo board.

Krzanich wants to put the power of Intel technology into the hands of as many educators and students as possible.

Stephen Trueman, Director, Sapienza Innovation Centre told the Italian press that an agreement signed between Intel and Sapienza University of Rome will give Intel access to Europe’s largest university. In return, Intel will offer the university a dedicated knowledge transfer structure gained from working alongside the technology industry.