Intel culls 25 desktop CPUs

Intel has taken a softball bat to 25 desktop CPUs in a product cull designed to allow its new 22nm Ivy Bridge processors to evolve in that biological niche.

Ivy Bridge will be out in April and before that happens, Intel wants to kill off all those dinosaur chips that would compete in the ecosystem and step on its new evolutionary chips.

Intel has already slowed the production of the Core i5-661/660, Core i3-530, Pentium E5700 and Celeron E3500, and will stop making them in the second quarter.

By the middle of next year there will be no more Core i7-960/950/930/870/880S/870S, Core i5-2300/680/670, Core Duo E7500/E7600, Pentium G960, E6600/E550 and Celeron E3300 seen in the wild. And if Sir David Attenborough went looking for a Core i7-875K/860S, Core i5-760/750S/655K and Celeron 450/430 after February, he probably would find it tough even in the Amazon rainforest which is a hothouse for evolutionary dead ends to survive.

Intel’s new CPU platform is Maho Bay, which is famous for its turtles, and will include the Ivy Bridge CPU and Panther Point chipset.

Gigabyte has said early motherboard samples will be on show at both CES and CeBit.

It looks like it will be completely compatible with existing socket LGA 1155 motherboards for Sandy Bridge CPUs, which is probably why Intel will need to cull off the older chips.