Intel copies Apple, slavishly

Most interesting to read earlier this week on this august publication that Intel Ultrabooks are the flavour of the day.

You know, this is the behaviour of a corporation having a knee-jerk reaction to Apple’s success that is not totally unprecedented.

Let me, if you will treat me kindly, roll back to the Intel days when Craig Barrett was the CEO, Andy Grove was the chairman, and Pat “Kicking” Gelsinger was the genius of technology.

We still have photographs from the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in Palm Springs where both Craig and Gelsinger were encouraging the whole of Taiwan and the world+dog to emulate Apple’s success with the brightly coloured transparent things that PC manufacturers had neither the wit nor the wisdom to think of first.

We don’t know if it is true that the Apple designer, the Brit, is leaving for ventures new. But we suspect he’d attract quite a high price tag.  It is true that Apple “poached” its top legal bod into Cupertino, and it surely cannot be a coincidence that since it hired the top P&L guy from Oregon the number of lawsuits have, in Intelese, “ramped up”.

We talked to a source close to Intel a couple of weeks ago about all of this. She – not Genevieve Bell, really not – told TechEye that the chip patent wars were over and settled really a long time ago, and that it is somewhat amusing that they lose a top legal guy to Apple and suddenly the legals start happening again. Well that’s what he said.

The Ultrabooks look uncannily similar to Mac thingies. I am a Mac fan, actually, by the way, but not a fan boy.

I just don’t believe in coincidences.