Intel confirms tri-gate transistors

* Intel confirmed it’s ready to roll on tri-gate transistors in a press conference held just a little while ago.The tri-gate transistors will be built at 22 nanometres and will be used in a family known as Ivy Bridge. The three dimensional transistors give much better performance and energy efficiency, the company said. It expects the breakthrough to give it a real edge in the marketplace. There are more details, and a video, here.

Chipzilla is holding a huge press conference today which is attracting a lot of attention.

Wall Street is certain that the outfit is finally getting ready to tell the world that its tri-gate transistors are ready to be seen by the great unwashed.

If it is, then Intel has made a big breakthrough that could shake the industry to its knees.

Chipzilla is saying nothing until today but has promised that this will be “its most significant technology announcement of the year.

If tri-gate transistors, which have been talked about since 2006, are finally ready for production, then it will be big news.

In 2006 Intel told us that the integrated CMOS tri-gate transistors will play a critical role in Intel’s energy-efficient plans because they have a lower leakage current and consume less power.

They let Intel extend the scaling of silicon transistors. Intel expects that the tri-gate transistors could become the basic building block for microprocessors in the future. The technology can be integrated into an economical, high-volume manufacturing process, leading to high-performance and low-power products, Intel said at the time.

Intel promised that chips with tri-gate transistors would be on the market by 2010 so today is a bit late, but probably due.

Of course we could just be seeing another Atom chip being released, but that would hardly be the ground breaking news of the year. Another suggestion is that Intel may be unveiling its 22-nanometer chips.

While this is interesting, it is not the sort of show stopper that Wall Street is expecting so the smart money is on tri-gate transistors. So says this lot anyroadmap.