Intel chips to get gesture recognition

Intel looks set to hardwire some form of gesture recognition software into its chipsets.

According to Reuters, Total Immersion, which makes augmented reality gear is working with Intel to bring AR features, like gesture recognition, into Intel’s chipsets.

Speaking at the Reuters Global Media Summit, Total Immersion’s marketing chief Antoine Brachet said it could take two or three years before products hit the shelves, but all that depended on whether punters wanted their computer to react to the gestures they did.

AR overlays digital information – text, graphics, games – on images of the world. Chipzilla bought a stake in Total Immersion in March when its investment arm led the $5.5 million funding round.

Brachet said that his outfit was working with Intel on its chipset so there will be AR features, like gesture recognition that can be transferred from software to hardware.

This will make the hardware faster to use for consumers and could boost the technology among consumers as it would be in all devices, without the need for additional downloads.

Google, Intel and Qualcomm are all snuffling around the technology because they have worked out that something is going to happen and they want to take a potential position in that.