Intel CEO succession speculation creates uncertainty in ranks

There’s a problem at Intel and it’s causing numerous employees to feel uncomfortable, it has emerged.

Paul Otellini, the CEO and president of the Intel Corporation, is close to retirement age and there are no obvious successors.

Sean Maloney was tipped to become the number one, but is still recovering from his stroke.

Senior sources inside Intel said that the problem has arisen because  rising stars, such as Pat “Kicking” Gelsinger, Mike Splinter, Mike Fister and others found new careers outside the corporation.

The different sources all agreed on one matter – Dadi Perlmutter is not the logical successor to Otellini when he retires.

Different names came up. One very senior Intel source suggested that Andy Bryant, the former chief beancounter would be an ideal candidate.

Another senior Intel source said it was time for a woman to run the corporation. Patricia Murray’s name came up.

The source who told us Andy Bryant in the frame said it was extremely unlikely that the board would appoint an outsider, given the nature of the corporation’s business and the complexity of its manufacturing.

Bryant, he said, had a very good handle on all the company’s operations, including semiconductor fabrication.

An Intel representative declined to comment on the speculation.