Intel Celerons to rise like phoenix in September

Although Intel is doing much trumpeting elsewhere, it appears Taiwanese informants are still sharing roadmaps – because plans for new Celerons have been spotted in the wild.

Intel has wanted to bump off its existing Celeron chips for a while. Now, Digitimes reports that its new line will turn up as soon as September for both desktops and notebooks. It’s quite likely an attempt to keep AMD’s high performance notebook equivalents and aggressive product portfolio at bay.

Intel is being careful not to ignore the desktop. Processos like the E3500 and 450 will leave the mortal coil, replaced instead by desktop Celerons like the dual core 2.5GHz GG540 and 2.4 GHz G530. A single core 1.6GHz celeron for desktops is on the way too.

For thousand-unit tray orders the prices will be $52, $42 and $37 respectively. 

Intel’s notebook Celeron strategy will see the release of a dual-core Celeron B840 and B800, says Digitimes, and a single core B710. It plans a low voltage single core 787. Thousand unit tray order prices will be $86, $86, $70 and $107.

Meanwhile, there will be four new Atom CPUs for netbooks, the dual-core N2800 and N2600 at $47 and $42, then an Atom D2700 and D2500 CPU for $52 and $42, say Digitimes’ sources. 

In the end, Intel has decided that there is still room in the market for the Celeron. But not for Google’s upcoming Chromebooks, which will sport its i series.