Intel builds on Sandy Bridge and the promised land

More than 40 percent of Intel’s business is based on the Sandy Bridge chip and the outfit has spent more than $9.4 billion in the Promised Land.

Intel general manager Maxine Fassberg told journalists visiting the Fab 28 in Kiryat Gat that the Sandy Bridge processor, which was developed in Israel, accounts for 40 percent of the chip giant’s revenue.

She said that Intel Israel’s exports totalled $22.4 billion in 1999-2011,” said Fassberg. The company’s exports totaled $2.2 billion in 2011.

Globes reported that Intel Israel made $628 million in reciprocal procurements from Israeli companies and estimates its contribution to the Israeli economy at $4.1 billion.

According to Israel 21, Fassberg claimed that it was thanks to Intel’s Israel’s operations that there were 230 new companies in Israel which were not there until Chipzilla spread its magnificent paws. Under the angelic wings of Chipzilla, these 230 each employ about 250 people.

Fassberg said that a lot of people wondered why the Israeli government was spending a fortune trying to keep Intel in the country, and she thought the answers were in those sorts of figures.

Fassberg added that Intel Israel currently has 7,800 employees and will hire another 600 employees in 2012.

The press conference also mentioned Intel’s Ivy Bridge processor which is being made in Kiryat Gat. There are two manufacturies worldwide to assemble the new technology.

Although the event was Intel flag waving in Israel, the company is also understood to be buttering up the Irish. The Irish government is also dead keen to provide sweeteners to have Intel set up additional fabs in the Emerald Isle.