Intel boasts of mobile superiority over ARM

While Intel might still be getting trashed by ARM in mobile, that has not stopped it claiming superiority over its rival.

CNET found Intel turning up the bravado in a new video, below, that boasts superiority over ARM in phones. The video was uploaded by Francois Piednoel, principal engineer at Intel.

It is talking up Intel’s first dual-core phone chip, Clover Trail+, which isn’t shipping in any products yet. So there is little proof of most of the video’s claims that it can out-benchmark and outlast phones based on the newest ARM chips from Qualcomm, Nvidia, and Samsung.

Clover Trail+ will be first seen under the bonnet of the Android-based Lenovo K900 which has 5.5-inch 1,920×1,080 IPS display, a 13MP camera with Sony’s new Exmor RS BSI sensor, and a 6.9mm profile.

While this will initially only be available in Asia, it does give people a chance at benchmarking and seeing if Intel is telling the truth.

The Intel video goes on to say, “They told you we could not do it…they were wrong”.

Actually, most people think Intel’s serious chance to overtake ARM will be the Merrifield system-on-chip, which will be based on an entirely new microarchitecture and be the first phone chip to tap Intel’s 22-nanometer 3D chip technology. No one will see that until much later this year.