Intel begins researching 5nm

Intel boss Paul Otellini has said the company had begun its work on 7nm and 5mm process technologies.

According to Xbit Labs, which got its paws on one of his slides, Otellini said that 10nm will be around in 2015 with work being done on 5nm around the same time

Intel is currently equipping Oregon, Arizona and Ireland’s fabs to make chips using 14nm fabrication processes. He did not say where the more futuristic technology would be made.

He said that Intel is working on a glorious ten year research plan and he was convinced that the company is on target to make its 7nm and 5nm process technologies by 2015.

Orellini said it’s all proof that Chipzilla’s invention is continuing and the company will carry on delivering value to its investors and partners.  Of course if it didn’t, no doubt that they would be very upset, but when you are talking about future technologies it pays not to say too much but surround it with a lot of puff.