Intel begin mass production of Oak Trail tablet chips

Intel has started mass production of Oak Trail, the platform aimed at the grabbing a slice of the tablet PC market.

With production having begun Oak Trail looks set to be released at the start of next year as expected,  combining the Atom Z670 processor and SM35 chipset to make up the initial product..

The Oak Trail platform will be available with MeeGo and Microsoft Windows 7, with the Windows version retailing at a higher price.  Oak Trail will be aimed at providing lower power consumption in order to boost battery life on tablets which use the platform.

Sources say that it is vital the average price of tablets drops from the current average price of $559 to the region of $490 or less if the expected in shipment growth is to take place in 2011 as expected, according to Digitimes.

While Intel may struggle to beat ARM for power-efficiency it is thought that the Oak Trail platform will still present a major challenge to ARM  based tablets which have.

Intel is also preparing to release their Sandy Bridge platform which also focuses on lower power consumption with greater processing power.