Intel attempts to bluff it out as sales fall

Chip giant Intel (tick: CHIPZILLA) said tonight that its profits had only fallen by less than a percantage point for its Q3 earnings, flying in the face of facts.

It reported that PC demand is rising, and its newly formed chief operating officer Brian Krzanich said pricing is better for its processor chips.

Krzanich told analysts that its “Broadwell” family is failing on process technology, fulfilling earlier predictions. Intel insists that Gartner and IDC are wrong, but vendors of X86 chips – including Dell, HP, Acer and others –  have suffered a deep chill for many quarters. Chipzilla said it made a profit of $2.95 billion, but that is down from the same quarter last year.

The third quarter was always buoyant for Intel, but people are buying tablets and smartphones, often armed with ARM chips, which are significantly cheaper than the X86 manufacturer sells.

Meanwhile, Intel put its DuPont Washington site up for grabs. That site made the Itanic chip and half the jobs have apparently been cut straight away – with something like 1,500 people losing their jobs and others frantic about their chances of keeping their jobs.

Intel has lost many able executives over the last several years – those include Kicking Pat Gelsinger, Mike Splinter, Sean Maloney. If Gordon Moore was dead, which he isn’t, he’d be turning in his grave, which he isn’t.

Intel seems reluctant to answer straight questions these days, and has gone back to the model it used to have years back – only talk to journalists you can trust or threaten. As always, Intel was unavailable for comment.