Intel Atoms get smashed

Chip colossus Intel is set to kill off a heap of microprocessors including Atoms.

But in time-honoured Intel style, from the ashes of old chips new ones will emerge.

According to Taiwanese wire Digitimes, a number of chips including the Core i7-920, Core 2 Quad 82 – and the Pentium E5200 processors have come to the end of their oh so short lives.

And even Atoms will split – with the same report saying Intel has waved the 330 and 230 Atoms out of the door into their perhaps just oblivion.

So the “new lamps for old” paradigm operates just as inexorably in 2010 as it did in the year 2000, the year 1990 and into the shadowy mists of time when a nettop wasn’t even a glint in the eye o baby Pat Gelsinger, the former Intel genie with the light brown hair.

The Digitimes details are here.