Intel Atoms get HD ability

Chipzilla has finally produced an Atom chip that can run HD video.

For months Intel has not had an answer to AMD’s Fusion series netbook processor because its’ Atom can’t manage graphics particularly well.

Now after months of promises, the Atom N2600 and the N2800 are in the shops and it means that Intel netbook users can finally see high definition videos on the Internet.

The chips are included in the range of ‘Cedar Trail’ Atom chips and they look a lot like the low-power Fusion chips.

They can support for full HD1080p HDMI video and work on 10 hours of battery life. The main difference is that while the Fusion chips are manufactured on the 40 nanometer scale, the new Atom chips will be built on the 32 nm scale. This should help cut power consumption.

While the new Atoms are built on the NM-10 chip layout, they will have a more powerful GMA 3600 or 3650 graphics core.

Intel says that the new chips, which will hit the shops early in 2012 will support wireless transmission of video and music, to help connect monitors and speakers.