Intel Atom to get four cores

Intel thinks that more people will be interested in its Atom processor if it straps on four more cores.

Xbit says that it has seen proof that Chipzilla plans to create the ultra-low powered chips.

The chips will be used in micro-servers, but could also see the light of day in nettops or ultra-portable notebooks.

Apparently the quad-core Intel Atom processors will support ECC memory for servers along with other improvements.

The Atom chips will appear sometime in 2012 and will be part of a new family of Intel’s ultra low-voltage chips code-named Saltwell.

Intel promised in May that in 36 months it would release three major updates for its Atoms which have been getting a bit smelly after all the innovations coming from ARM.

We were told that the first would be code-named Saltwell and will be made using the 32nm process. If Xbit is right then this is the quad-core beasty. That means that the second is Silvermont and will be manufactured using 22nm/tri-gate fabrication. The third major improvement to Atom is code-named Airmont and will use the 14nm fabrication process.