Intel Atom SoC leaked

Details of Intel’s next generation Atom SoC have been spotted in some open source code which was released yesterday.

The code appeared when Jesse Barnes, of Intel’s Open-Source Technology Center posted a set of 25 patches, ready to be merged into the soon to be released Linux kernel 3.4.

According to CPU World, the patches show the Valley View Atom SoC as having an Ivy Bridge graphics core.

Barnes said that Valley View is a Cedar View-like chip but with an Ivy Bridge graphics core and indicated that it was going to be a future generation Atom chip.

Cedar View chips have a PowerVR graphics core which can provide low power graphics.

It is starting to look like Valley View is to be the replacement for Cedar View, and will probably be out in the first quarter of next year. The chipset is to be called Balboa Pier SoC. This means that the chip set may be in the same die as the processor. The specs show that it will be a fanless, quad core device with up to 8 GB DDR3 (ECC) and four times the graphics performance of Cedar View.

Valley View will be built using a 22nm process and Intel’s tri-gate technology. It has support for two DisplayPort panels and an HDMI output.

There will be a single desktop variant and two mobile versions.