Intel Apple win will see it churn ARM processors

The guys over at EE Times have pointed out the hilarious, obvious, potential ramifications of Intel winning Apple as a client for chip manufacturing.

Intel is keen to usurp the competition in Samsung, currently not enjoying a tit-for-tat spat with Apple but still tied in with chip making contracts.  If it wins the affections of Jobs’ Mob, Intel has the chance to become the leading manufacturer of ARM processors.

Tudor Brown’s ARM totally dominates the mobile device market at present. Intel has been trying to find a way to edge into the mobile market and is talking up its MeeGo OS while making partners in China to cope with and kick start that market. 

EE Times reckons Intel would not be a leader in terms of volume, rather in the manufacturing process geometry of 22nm, as well as for performance and power consumption. It would be a strange turn of events for Intel which has, for some time, no doubt been irritated by ARM’s extravagant boom in the smartphone and tablet market in recent years.

There has been talk recently from analysts that it makes sense for Intel to take on Apple’s production, strategically. On Intel’s side it will keep it top of the game in manufacturing, and Apple isn’t too keen on Asian competitors that it believes are taking advantage of its kit. 

But it would be a hard punch for Intel to take in rolling out the highest-profile ARM processors in the world.