Intel and FTC close to anti-trust agreement

Intel and the Federal Trade Commission will soon be settling the anti-trust case that has beset the Satan Clara chip outfit, which may see Intel having to change its practices that governments aren’t happy with. 

Intel and the FTC’s lawyers have been hitting their heads together and have at last submitted a proposed consent decree, which will ask for a suspension of the case until the 23rd July while it’s being looked at by the five FTC commissioners, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Details are sparse at the moment, but it’s thought that the agreement, if accepted, will detail dealings of Intel’s alleged Mafioso with Hewlett-Packard, Dell, International Business Machines and Acer. Intel has been accused of going to any length to monopolise the chips market. There has been word that Intel’s been forcing the hand of hardware makers to turn their nose up at AMD chips, and the original FTC complaint alleges that Intel had been illegally working to stifle competition from Nvidia, too.

Of course, Intel has its best pack of lawyers on the case right now and it insists that it has never looked for exclusivity.

The FTC is hoping to come to an agreement with Intel which would stop it from being able to abuse its position as top dog in the chips market. It was offered remedies last December, when the complaints initially arose, but outright refused, claiming that the deal would have it micromanaging its business.