Intel and AMD to launch new CPUs

Intel and AMD are set to launch several new CPUs including six-core and low- voltage processors soon.

Digitimes quoting unnamed motherboard makers claims that Intel will soon launch its 32nm high-end dual-core Core i5-680 with price of US$284 and will replace the existing Core i5-670.

Intel wants to release a 45nm low-voltage Core i7-870s with a price of US$560 and a power consumption of 82W, the magazine claims.

AMD has several six-core Phenom II processors ready in the second quarter including X6 1035T (2.6GHz/95W), X6 1055T (2.8GHz/95W) and X6 1075T (3.0GHz/125W).

AMD will add a few more six-core processors including the X6 1095T for those who can’t get enough of them.

MD will launch X4 940T and the 95W version of X4 955 quad core processors in the second quarter.

For the company’s Athlon II family, AMD will add X4 640 and X4 645 to its X4 600 series with 95W power consumption in the second and the fourth quarter.

The company will add to the Athlon II X4 600e family the X4 610e in the second quarter and the X4 615e just in time for Christmas.

AMD will add X3 445 and X3 415e processors in the second quarter, and X3 450 and X3 420e triple core processors in the fourth quarter.

AMD has not given up on the dual cores either with a new 65W X2 260 processor. It will launch two new low voltage CPU families which will run off 25W. There will be a single-core Athlon II 100u series, the sources said.

In the second quarter, AMD will launch Sempron 145 to replace the existing Sempron 140.

Both Intel and AMD refuses to comment about the leaked roadmaps.