Intel and AMD locked in Q3 microprocessor market stalemate

Intel and AMD, two of the world’s leading chip manufacturers, faced a microprocessor market statemate in the third quarter of 2010 according to the latest report from market research firm iSuppli.

Intel continued to dominate the industry, with a market share of 80.1 percent recorded in the third quarter. This was a tiny 0.1 percent increase on the same period in 2009, when it was at 80 percent, but the growth was down 0.3 percent on the second quarter of 2010’s figure of 80.4 percent. 

AMD barely budged either but saw a larger decline than Intel. It had a 11.3 percent market share in the third quarter, down 0.8 percent from 12.1 percent in the same quarter last year. The fall was only 0.2 percent on the second quarter rating of 11.5 percent.

Matthew Wilkins, iSuppli’s principal analyst, said that the changes for the two firms were largely insignificant given how small the numbers involved are.

He pointed out that the statelmate between the two companies, with neither able to wrestle market share from one another, was largely down to both having “well-matched competitive product portfolios” and the fact that end markets are not changing enough in product lineup to cause shifts in market shares.

That said, Wilkins suggested that AMD’s upcoming Fusion products could have a significant impact on those market shares.

iSuppli recorded an increase of 23 percent in microprocessor revenue in the third quarter compared to the same time last year, which was also a three percent increase on the second quarter.