Intel, AMD-ATI head up graphics market

Jon Peddie Research has unveiled its estimates of the graphics market in the second quarter. According to the outfit, four percent more graphics chips were shipped in the second quarter than in the first quarter, however 21.4 percent less desktop GPU’s were sold in the quarter as nearly every punter under the sun wants a nice notebook instead of a floor-based behemoth.

Compared to the first six months of last year, GPU shipments climbed by 38.6 percent.

Based on growth, AMD came out top dog, seeing year-over-year growth of 32.6 percent and its market share rise from 18.4 percent to 24.4 percent. Intel, by comparison, had meagre growth of 7.6 percent, yet maintained its leading market share and grew it from 51.1 to 54.9 percent.

AMD made large steps forward in the desktop market, the high demand for netbooks with integrated graphics kept Intel up in front.

Nvidia, however, has had to witness its market share shrink continuously. Compared to last year’s April to June period, the company shipped 32.4 percent less. Its market share has collapsed by nearly ten percent, crumbling from 29.2 to 19.7 percent. The company still had a market share of 28 percent in the first quarter. Only yesterday Nvidia lowered its forecast for the current fiscal quarter this week, from $950 million to $970 million to $800 million to $820 million.