Inotera migrates to 42 nanometers

DRAM maker Inotera Memories said that its planned migration to a 42 nanometer production process will be two months earlier than planned.

Inotera is a DRAM-manufacturing joint venture between Micron and Nanya and company chairman Jih Lien told Digitimes that the move will take place in September 2010, two months ahead of its original schedule.

Inotera has been flat out making 50 nanometre products. More than half its productionwill use the 50nm technology which has caused production costs to be lower.

Inotera needs all the help it can get. The outfit slipped back into the red in the first quarter due to production losses incurred from its process transition from trench to stack technology.

The move to 42nm technology is part of a cunning plan to bring itself closer to Samsung. Production is expected to kick off in small volume at the end of the year.

Inotera will use 10 sets of immersion scanner equipment settled at its fabs by the end of the year.

There had been some fears that Samsung would flood the market with too many DRAM chips, but now it is starting to look as if Samsung wants to take on Toshiba in the NAND flash segment instead.

The impact of Samsung’s capacity ramp on the global DRAM market should be lower than expected, Lien said.