Infineon puts power semis on 300mm wafer

Infineon has managed to put power semiconductors on a 300 millimeter wafer at the Villach, Austria site. 

The German company had been trying to put out a pilot line for the 300mm wafers since October 2010, and it took a team of 50 engineers and physicists to make it happen. Infineon claims the achievement helps put it ahead of the pack for power semiconductors in energy efficiency, which is the talk of the town.

Infineon says Dresden will be the production site for its Power 300, and in the years up to 2014 it plans to invest roughly €250 million, while creating about 250 jobs.

In a statement, research director Dr Reinhard Ploss said that the development “marks a quantum leap in production technology”. 

Infineon’s 300mm wafer chips, it says, run as smoothly as its power semiconductors on the 200mm wafers.

It claims the proof is in successful application tests running Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors, or MOSFETs, for high voltage applications.