Infineon flat but stable despite Euro debt crisis

European chipmaker Infineon has announced its preliminary results for the fourt quarter of the 2011 fiscal year, as well as its 2012 Q1 outlook.

Sales for the quarter ending September 2011 are flat, according to the preliminary results, at €1.038 billion. The total segment result was €195 million, or a loss compared to the third fiscal quarter’s €212 million. 

All of Europe’s huge debt crisis wobble has impacted Infineon’s growth, increasing caution among its regular customers. In a statement, CEO Peter Bauer claimed Infineon closed “an excellent financial year at all time high revenues and margins.”

Bauer said that despite some of the “challenging market environment,” Infineon is “holding up well operationally as compared to our peers in the last quarter.”

Infineon’s focus will continue in energy efficiency, mobility and security – which Bauer believes will help it cement its place further as one of the most important players in semiconductors.

Infineon also announced that it has “taken additional provisions” in the results thanks to subsidiary Qimonda’s insolvency. You remember Qimonda, right?

The full results will be out mid-November.