Indian government gets interest from chipmakers

The Indian government is having some success in attracting the big chipmakers to set up shop in the country.

According to the Hindu Business Times, the Indian government has been wining and dining five global semiconductor makers.

The Government wants to have at least two semiconductor wafer fabs in the India, for which it has been scouting for companies that can offer technology and investment.

Infineon Technologies, ST Microelectronics, Sitronics, GlobalFoundries and a consortium comprising Jaypee Associates, IBM and Israeli firm Tower Jazz have all said they are interested.

The government’s Department of Electronics and IT (DEITy) said that feelers had been sent to TSMC, Intel and Freescale.

Freescale and TSMC said no but Chipzilla has offered advisory support on infrastructure and financial matters related to semiconductor manufacturing.

GlobalFoundries is offering know-how for 200 nm technology and also consultancy on process intellectual property.

A committee, set up by the DEITy to monitor the progress of the project, has asked Accenture to draw up a business proposal to enable the semiconductor firms take a final decision on investing in the project.