In Xanadu, where Intel’s river George Alfs is gone

We hear through the grapevine that yet another old fiend of ours from Intel has decided to shuffle off to pastures new.

This time it is the very  cultured George Alfs, who we understand is off the Intel station before CES starts in 2011.

George has been sort of kind with the Rogister, the Inqster and the Techeyester through thick and thin. He was once, in the US-ian expression “posted” to Blighty, where we had to educate him in the ways of the Porcupine Pub near Leicester Square,  and that.

As far as we are aware, he has never been to Dell’s place in Limerick, although I have. Much  to my financial and to my liver’s eternal regret although the egret will love it as she pecks over my liver. So let’s try a Limerick!

There once was a man called George Alfs (1)
Who never did nothing by halves (2)
He worked – man and boy (3)
To make Intel like Troy (4)
While Hannibal’s elephants (5)  stayed calves (6)

He leaves Intel early next year. He might not miss us, but we will miss him.

(1)    In Xanadu – Coleridge
(2)    Dual Core Intel processors
(3)    Cos we got a picture of him when he was a rock star
(4)    Troy was the envy of the Romans (IBM) and the Persians
(5)    AMD
(6)    Calf elephants, that is to say half elephants